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Case Number Examples

Criminal Cases: 62-000000, 63-000000
Small Claims: R-SC-0000000
Civil: S-CV-0000000
Civil Limited Jurisdiction: M-CV-0000000
Probate: S-PR-0000000
Family Law: S-DR-0000000
Family Support: S-FS-0000000
Traffic: 41-000000
Criminal Cases (Tahoe): 72-000000
Small Claims (Tahoe): T-SC-0000000
Civil (Tahoe): T-CV-0000000
Family Law T-DR-0000000
Writ of Habeas Corpus: W-HC-0000000
Old Criminal Cases - Auburn: A-CR-0000000
Old Criminal Cases – Roseville: R-CR-0000000
Old Superior Court Cases: S-CR-0000000
Civil (Special): S-SP-0000000


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