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Where are you located? Directions?

10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville CA 95678
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Office Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..

How can I get copies of a criminal record?

Please see the policy for record viewing and copying for more informaiton. You can also download the Records Request form.

How do I get my record expunged?

There are forms available in the clerk’s office or online. Obtain these forms (1203.3, 1203.4, 17b), fill them out and return them to the Criminal Clerk’s office with 2 additional copies (3 if on probation). You will be given a court date 3 weeks out. To retrieve the form online:

  1. Go to www.courts.ca.gov 
  2. Click on Self Help 
  3. Click on Criminal Law
  4. Click on Cleaning Your Criminal Record

For further information regarding expungement and what it will accomplish, refer the defendant to the above Web site or the link below: http://www.courts.ca.gov/1070.htm

How do I make a court date?

A defendant (with a misdemeanor charge or conviction) may set a hearing by calling the court. The only other person who may set a hearing for you is your attorney (not a spouse or parent). If a defendant has felony charges or a felony conviction, they (or their attorney) must file a formal motion to get on calendar.

I can’t make it to court. What do I do?

We cannot guarantee that any defendant will not get a bench warrant for not appearing at their scheduled court event. If the defendant is on bail, it will be forfeited.

The defendant can send in a letter to be put in his file with an explanation of why they cannot appear. The judge may grant a continuance or not. The defendant will need to call the clerk’s office 5 days after his court event to check the outcome and request a new court date if necessary.

A misdemeanor arraignment hearing may be advanced only if: the complaint has been received and entered and there is sufficient time for notification to the DA (1 week min). You may call the clerk's office or come to the front counter at the Santucci Justice Center in Roseville.

Can I change my court date?

Any court event set by the judge at a previous court hearing cannot be changed without a formal motion.

A misdemeanor arraignment hearing may be moved closer via a Set Sheet only if: the complaint has been received and entered by the Criminal Department and there is sufficient time for notification to the DA (1 week min). See the calendar matrix for days and departments.

How do I talk to the judge about my (or my relative’s) case?

You may write a letter to the judge and send it to the Criminal Clerk’s office. It will be forwarded, along with the file, to the judge.

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