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Family Centered Case Resolution Status Conferences

For answers to frequently asked questions about Family Centered Case Resolution Status Conferences, please click here

Where are you located? Directions?

10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville CA 95678
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What hours are you open?

The clerk's office is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday - Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Fridays, except holidays. If you have pre-arranged to pick up document copies from public baskets, the building Lobby is open until 4:00 p.m.

How much does it cost to file for divorce?


How much does it cost to file?

  • Petition: $435.00*
  • Response (or Respondent's first paper): $435.00*
  • Request for Order: $60.00/$85.00 (Note: there is no charge to file a Responsive Declaration to a Motion or Order to Show Cause)
  • Stipulation and Order: $20.00
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order - No Charge

Other fees can be viewed on the Fee Schedules page.

How do I file for divorce? (Information regarding the Legal Help Clinic)

Divorce packets are sold at the clerk's office for $5.00. The party may also access forms from the court Web site, and/or come in to the  Legal Help Center for assistance.   

When is my next court date?

Use the Online Court Calendar to search for your next court date

I forgot to show up for court. Now what do I do?

You should come in to review your file. If orders were made, the Judge most likely ordered one of the attorneys or the Legal Help Center to prepare a Formal Order After Hearing. If the case was continued, you will be able to see the new court date, time and department. If the matter was dropped, a new Motion or Order to Show Cause will have to be filed and a new filing fee paid. (Unless it is for a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order, for which no fee is charged.)

How do I continue a hearing?

Download the Reserve/Continue/Drop sheet from the court's Web site, complete it and return by fax to our office. Our fax number is 916-408-6285. Any moving papers must be received by noon the day before the hearing, and, depending upon what the party is filing, there could be a filing fee.

How do I add issues to a short cause trial?

By filing a Request for Order ($60.00) or by stipulation

How do I schedule a telephonic hearing? (Family Support)

Please view the Family Law & Family Support section of the Telephonic Appearances page of this website for instructions.

What is the latest I can send in a request for continuance or request to drop a hearing?

Stipulation & Orders and letters to continue or drop a hearing must be in the clerk's office, with payment, by noon the day prior to the original scheduled hearing.

Can I appear by telephone?

Please view the Family Law & Family Support section of the Telephonic Appearances page of this website for more information.

Do I have to appear?

If you have been served with an Order to Show Cause (OSC), this is an order from the court that you are to appear. A notice of motion is a notice. It is up to you whether or not you appear. Orders can be made without your being present.

How do I get to see the judge?

You can only see the judge if you file a Motion or an Order to Show Cause. You wouldn't want the judge to speak with the other side without you having the opportunity to be heard.

How do I get a copy of my file?

Please see the policy for record viewing and copying for more informaiton. You can also download the Records Request form.

How do I file a restraining order?

  • If the person you are seeking to restrain is a family member, spouse or someone you have dated, you can file for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order at the Clerk's office located at 10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville CA 95678.  You can pick up the forms at the Clerk's Office or on line at www.courts.ca.gov. You can also get assistance with completing the forms at the Legal Help Center
  • If the party you are seeking to restrain is not a family member, spouse or someone you have dated, or the situation involves some sort of neighborhood dispute, you must file for civil harassment at the Clerks office at 10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville CA 95678.

I want to talk to the facilitator.

Please contact our Legal Help Center

Is my divorce final?

The clerk cannot read to you what is in your file. You can view your file during our public hours. If you have a copy of the judgment, you may be able to determine the date yourself. Look for the box that shows the date the marital status ends. If the judgment says "upon entry of judgment", check the document called notice of entry of judgment. If you don't have a judgment, you may want to contact the Legal Help Center.

Can I have the phone number to the judge, courtroom clerk?

The judge and the courtroom clerk are unable to take telephone calls from parties. Please contact the clerk's office or Legal Help Center for assistance.

How do I get property back?

If there is a Temporary Restraining Order in force against you, check the order to see if it states when you are entitled to have your property returned.

How do I get a fee waiver?

Fee waiver packets are available in Clerk's Office or, if you have access to the internet you can download the documents from the Judicial Branch Web site. 

I can't afford an attorney

Please contact our Legal Help Center

What is this document and what does it mean?

Please contact our Legal Help Center

I filed for divorce over 6 months ago. Is it final yet? What else do I need to do?

A divorce is not automatically final six months from the filing date or date that the other party received his/her copy of the initial paperwork. If you have not yet received a Judgment, you may want to contact our Legal Help Center to determine the next step in the process.

Do you have a list of family law attorneys? Can you recommend one?

You can pick up a copy of a list of local Family Law attorneys at the Legal Help Center during their public hours. It would not be appropriate for a clerk to recommend one.

Fax filing

If a filing fee is required, you may fax documents to a fax filing service that will bring the documents and the filing fee to the Clerk's Office

*Any fees mentioned in this document were in effect as of the date it was prepared.


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