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Family Court Services - Child Custody Recommending Counseling, and Evaluation

Family Code section 3170 requires mediation whenever issues of custody or visitation are in dispute. This applies whenever a “party to the cause” wants to obtain or change a custody or visitation order and the other party does not agree

Important things to know before CCRC
Placer Superior Court contracts with private mediators throughout the area to provide court ordered mediation services.

Important things to know after CCRC
At the conclusion of your CCRC session, the CCRC will identify in writing those issues on which you reached an agreement as well as those issues on which you were unable to reach agreement.

Child Custody Evaluations (3111 Reports)
The custody evaluation report will provide recommendations that are based on the professional judgment of the child custody evaluator regarding a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the child(ren).

Other Important Information
CCRC/evaluation of cases that involve family law attorneys or their spouses, relatives, friends, or co-workers of the mediator may present a conflict of interest.

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