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Grand Jury Reports for 1999 - 2000


Grand Jury Final Report

No combined report was produced this year.


Responses to the Grand Jury Final Report

Sierra College Board of Trustees

Placer County Board of Supervisors


Individual Reports

Transmittal Letter from Grand Jury to Superior Court Judges

Placer County Grand Jury 1999-2000 Roster and Committees

Sierra Community College District

Sierra Community College District, Secret Settlement of Gender Discrimination

Response from Sierra Community College District To Grand Jury Final Report 1

The Juvenile Detention Center

Placer County Main Jail and Minimum Security Jail Inspections

Burton Creek (Tahoe) Sheriff's Substation, Court Facilities, and Jail Inspection

Realities Program, Placer County Main/Minimum Jail

Placer County Police Departments

Family Support Division, Placer County District Attorney

Auburn Airport

City of Colfax, Wastewater Plant

Placer County Water Agency, Residency Issue of Elected Board Member

Placer County Special District Survey

Health and Human Services, Environmental Health Division

Heather Glen Community Services District

Placer County Annual Audit

Auditor-Controller, Removal of County Records

Information Technology Plan 2000

Foreman's Report

Note to Respondents

California Penal Code, Section 933.05

List of Respondents


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