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Grand Jury Reports for 2000 - 2001


Grand Jury Final Report

No combined report was produced this year.


Responses to the Grand Jury Final Report

Responses Report


Individual Reports


Final Report Transmittal Letter

Grand Jury Overview

Protection of Grand Jury Authority

Exhibits to El Dorado

Foreman's Report

Placer County Main Jail and Minimum Security Jail Inspections

Burton Creek (Tahoe) Sheriff's Substation, Court Facilities, and Jail Inspection

Placer County Juvenile Detention Center

Roseville Police Department

Placer County Air Pollution Control District

Fire and Emergency Services in Placer County

Placer County Animal Control

Placer County Annual Audit

Placer County Board of Supervisors Expense Reimbursement policy

Placer County School Boards of Trustees Remuneration

Services for Victims of Domestic Violence under State Mandates

Mid-Placer Public Schools Transportation Agency Transportation of Special Needs Children Final Report 2

Response from Mid-Placer Public Schools transportation Agency to Final Report 2

Sierra Joint Community College District Post Retirement Medical Fund Final Report 1

Response from Sierra Joint Community College District Board of Trustees to Final Report 1

Supplemental Response from Sierra Joint Community College District Board of Trustees to Final Report 1

Minority Response from Trustee Sally Robison to Final Report 1

Correspondence from Dr. Henry Akana regarding Final Report 1

Note to Respondents

California Penal Code, Section 933.05

List of Respondents



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