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Jury Duty

Potential Jurors

Jurors' names are selected at random from lists of registered voters and individuals who have a driver's license or identification card issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. You are qualified for jury service if you:

  • Are a United States citizen
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the English language
  • Are a resident of the county that summoned you
  • Are not currently serving on a grand jury or trial jury
  • Are not under a conservatorship
  • Have no felony convictions.

Exemptions from Jury Duty

You will be exempted from jury duty if you:

  • Are under eighteen years of age;
  • Have moved and have a new address outside of Placer County;
  • Do not speak, write or understand the English language;
  • Are a felon and have not had your rights restored;
  • Are a peace officer as defined in Section 830.1, 830.2(a-c) or 830.33(a) of the California Penal Code;
  • Have a permanent health problem and your doctor has written a note for you stating it is a “permanent” problem
  • Are over 70 years of age and have a health problem
  • Are a nursing mother. Initial exemptions are provided for up to a year.
  • Are providing non-professional care for any other person(s) in your home.

In addition, persons under conservatorship may be exempted from service.

Deferring (change from Postponement of) Jury Duty

If you have been summoned for jury duty and you have preexisting commitments that will prevent your attendance during your summons week -- do not ignore your jury summons!

Placer County jurors are allowed a one-time deferral (or postponement) of up to ninety (90) days. Using our Online Jury Portal, or our automated telephone system, or by contacting the Jury Office, you can select a better week for you in the next ninety days. Please note that there is a limit to the number of deferrals to future weeks. Requesting a deferral within the first 10 days from the receipt of your summons will increase our ability to accommodate you.

Should you need to request a longer deferral, you must call the Jury Office. Please note that longer deferrals will be considered, but typically must be due to vacation, illness of self or a family member, out of county business travel, child care issues, extraordinary work considerations, transportation problems, or due to being a full time student.

While we will do our best to work with you on requests over ninety (90) days, please keep in mind that ultimately, jury duty is an important civic duty and your attendance is required when summoned.


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