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Juvenile Dependency


One of the goals of the dependency court is to have the matter regarding your child resolved as quickly as possible. We need your help and cooperation to do that. The court has become involved with you and your child because certain things have happened in your life that led to this involvement; you will be required to follow specific steps to end court involvement. You must follow these steps within certain time limits. The steps and the time limits will be explained to you.

If your child becomes a dependent of the court that means that the court will make orders for you, for your child, and for the social worker, so that your child will be protected. In most cases, you will have an opportunity to end court involvement.

Only persons with a legal right to do so many receive information regarding juvenile cases, such as the mother or father of the minor. Information regarding juvenile matters is confidential and cannot be given out over the phone. If you have a legal right to view a juvenile matter, you must do so in person with proper identification.


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