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Start Your Civil harassment Restraining Order

These are the forms to use to get a restraining order against someone with whom you have a non-familial relationship.

Step 1:  Filling out the paperwork

Request for Order to Stop Harassment (CH-100): Fill this out completely and be very specific about the harassment that is going on.
Confidential CLETS Information (CH-102): This helps law enforcement identify you and the other party if there is a violation of the Restraining Order.
Notice of Hearing and Temporary Restraining Order  (CH-120):  This needs to match what is requested in CH-100.

Step 2:  Filing the paperwork

Sign and date the paperwork that you filled out in Step 1. Make two copies.  Bring the originals and two copies to the court for filing (Only the original CH-102 is needed - it goes to the Sheriff if the order is granted.
There is a $320.00 fee to file your Petition with the court.  The court takes cash or check only.   Checks should be made out to Placer County Superior Court.  If you cannot to pay the filing fees, request fee waiver forms from the filing clerk. The fees may be waived if there is a showing of physical violence or credible threat of physical violence in the Request for Order.
The filing window is in the Family Court, at 10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville, CA.  The court clerk will give you back the two copies. They will have a court stamp on them.  One copy is for your records; one copy is for serving on the other party.

You must serve a copy of all the papers on the other party, along with a blank Answer to Request for Order to Stop Harassment (CH-110) have a friend or relative over the age of eighteen give the papers to the other party.  Or, request that the Placer County Sheriff serve the papers on the party to be restrained.  There is a fee for having these papers served, unless a fee waiver is granted by the court.

Step 3: Filling out the proof of service

If the sheriff does not do the service, the person who serves the papers on the other party needs to fill out a Proof of Personal Service (CH-130).  Be sure to fill in the date and time that the Respondent was served.  The Proof of Service needs to be filed with the court  (see Step 2). There is no fee for this.  You do not need to make any copies unless you want one for your records (a good idea!).

If you receive temporary orders, they are effective as soon as the restrained party is served.  Go to your court date!

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