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Superior Court Santucci Justice Center Courthouse
Departments 30 - 44
10820 Justice Center Drive
Roseville, CA 95678


Santucci Justice Center Courthouse


A picture of the Santucci Justice Center SignA picture of the Santucci Justice Center Courthouse

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1) Are there payphones available to the public?
There are no payphones available at this location.

2) Is there public parking available?
There is a large free parking lot available in the front of the courthouse.

3) Is there a children’s waiting room?
There is not a children’s waiting room available at this time.

4) Are there public restrooms?
Restrooms are available on the first and second floors.

5) Is there a cafeteria or vending machines?
Vending machines are located on the first and second floors.

6) Can I file documents at this location?
Documents may be filed in the Clerk’s Office from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. As you enter the lobby, your first stop will be at the Kiosk which is located below the two large monitors mounted on the wall. Select the appropriate aspect of law from the kiosk display and touch that key. A ticket will be provided with a letter and number on it. Have a seat in the waiting area while you wait for your number to be called. The number will be called and will appear on the monitors so that you know which window to go to. There is also a drop box available near the information booth on the first floor.

7) Can I request and view files at this location?
You can request up to 5 files per day and have up to 25 pages copied per day. If the file is being stored offsite, the clerk can order the file for you. It can take 10-14 days before the file arrives back at Santucci. You should call the clerk at 916-408-6000 to confirm that the file has arrived prior to coming in. Private copiers are not allowed.

8) Is there court security?
As a matter of public safety, everyone entering the building is required to pass through a weapons screening device and bags are subject to inspection. Weapons and contraband of any kind are prohibited and items that potentially could be used as a weapon are not permitted in the courthouse. When planning your time, please allow yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to pass through security.

9) Is there wireless Internet access?
Yes, wireless Internet is available free of charge throughout the courthouse.

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