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The Court strives to have all traffic citation information processed and available to you 30 days prior to the scheduled court date shown on your citation. Please note that if you are calling more than 30 days prior to your hearing date, the information may not yet be available to the court clerk and the clerk may not be able to answer your question. Thank you for your understanding.

The traffic division files traffic and non-traffic citations depending on the severity of the charge. For example a speeding citation will be filed with this division, a driving under the influence will not (except Tahoe). Animal control violations, building code violations are filed with the traffic division. 

A list of common Infractions / Misdemeanors and where they are filed:

Probation Department-Juvenile Roseville Court-Traffic Division Auburn Court-Criminal Division
23222(b) VC-under 18 12500(A) VC – over 18 23103(a)/(b) VC**
23140(a) VC-under 18 14601.1(A) VC – over 18 23140(a) VC-18 & over
23136(a) VC-under 18 14601.3 VC – over 18 23109(a)/(b) VC**
23224(a)/(b) VC-under 18 21651(b) VC – over 18 14601.2(a) VC**
23109(a/b/c) VC-under 18 22348(b) VC – Speeding 100+ 14601.5 VC**
12500 VC-under 18 23109(C) VC – over 18 11713J VC**
14601.1(a) VC-under 18 23222(B) VC – over 18 9853.4(A) VC
14601.2(a) VC-under 18 23224(A)/(B) VC – over 18  
14601.5 VC-under 18 35550(A) VC **These charges require DA review
11713J VC-under 18 35551(A) VC  
  35783 VC  
  4461c VC – over 18  
  4462.5 VC – over 18  

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