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Please read before you submit your question.

This page is intended to provide an additional means of support for very general questions you might have about the court and its services. Under no circumstances will case information or legal advice be given out. This is Pursuant to Government Code Section 68082. This includes questions such as:

  • Which forms do I use?
  • How do I fill out the forms?
  • Should I file a claim and bring my case to court?
  • What jurisdiction do I file with?
  • What's the process for...?

Many of these kinds of questions can be answered through the Self-Help Center.

If you are seeking legal advice you can find many sites on the internet to help you. A few are listed below.

The Court will attempt to review e-mail within 72 hours of receipt. Please do not submit time sensitive requests. For example:

  • Information for any court event that will happen within 72 hours.
  • Time extensions for payment or fees that are due within 72 hours.
  • Messages for judicial officers or courtroom clerks on matter to be heard within 72 hours.


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