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This page is designed to help attorneys find all links related to their needs

"Access Cards purchased at the Bar Dinner are now available for pickup at the Human Resources Department at Santucci Justice Center."


Please be advised that Placer County Superior Court used the current address listed with the State Bar. Please make sure that you update any new information to that web site as soon as possible.

If you have multiple locations, please be advised that we will only be sending notices to the one listed with the State Bar.

The Attorney Convenience Center and Virtual Law Library, a collaboration between the Court, the Placer County Bar Association, and the County Law Library, is now open at SJC. More information is available here.


For attorneys that would like to request case access to view electronic case information through an account on the Placer County Superior Courts online portal. Documents are only viewable online in some case types. Online document access is governed by California Rules of Court rule 2.503

    • The case access request form can only be submitted online. The court will not accept the case access form in person.
    • In order to view cases that have been submitted for online case access a portal account must be created. You can create an account here:
    • The email used to create the account MUST match the one within your state BAR profile. If you do not have an email associated with your BAR profile, we suggest adding one prior to submitting the request.
    • Only one email per account can be used.
    • The court is only allowing a maximum of 10 cases per submission and one submission per week. This limitation is to allow requests to be processed quicker and helps ensure all get access to their cases in a timely manner.
    • Once submitted please allow 3-5 business days for the request to be processed.
    • Reasons you will NOT receive a case access token. 1. You are not the attorney of record on the case. 2. You have been withdrawn or substituted out. 3. That case is not accessible through an online portal account. 4. You did not provide the email associated with your State BAR account.
    • For any issues with the online portal you can reference the FAQs here:

Case Access Request Form Online Submission

Download Case Access Request Form

  • Please submit downloaded forms to
  • How to Display Evidence

    A short video on how to use the courtroom equipment to display your evidence.


    Quick Links

    Forms - Local Court Forms

    Fee Schedules - Court Fees, Uniform Bail & Penalty Schedule, Felony Bail Schedule, Etc.

    Local Rules - Local Rules of Court apply to the Superior Court of California, in and for the County of Placer

    Online Portal - To search case information.

    Online Court Calendars - Access court calendar information

    Tentative Rulings and Notes - Tentative Rulings for Law and Motion matters are available from noon until 4:00 pm, the court date day prior to each regularly scheduled Law and Motion calendar

    Placer County Bar Association - Provides information about the Placer County Bar Association and its membership.

    Declaration and Order

    Criminal Preliminary Hearing/Trial Readiness Tool – For District Attorney, Public Defender, and Conflict Counsel use.

    Temporary Judge Information and Application

    For attorneys interested in serving as a temporary judge for the Placer County Superior Court, please see the following:

    Invitation to Apply

    Application to Serve as Temporary Judge

    Temporary Judge Resources

    • It is the policy of the Placer County Superior Court that a temporary judge must take an oath of office every three years.
    • The three years runs from the year their oath of office is signed through the end of the third year.
    • Before the next oath of office is signed, each attorney appointed as a temporary judge must attend and successfully complete every three years a course on bench conduct and demeanor, an ethics course, and a course in each substantive area in which the attorney will serve as a temporary judge. The courses must cover the same subjects and be of the same duration as the courses prescribed in rule 2.812(c).
    • The Placer County Superior Court offers an in-person course on bench conduct and demeanor each September.  Please contact the phone number listed on the invitation to apply. 

    Thank you for your willingness to serve as a temporary judge.


    Weekly Calendar

    This calendar is run weekly on Friday for the following week. The report does not show cases set after the run date.

    Weekly Calendar


    Local Forms

    The forms that are available on this Website are in PDF format and require a PDF reader to view them. Adobe Reader, is available for free and allows you to view, navigate and print these PDF files. To get Adobe Reader visit their Website at

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