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This page contains a list of all LOCAL downloadable forms for the Placer County Superior Court. You can find Judicial Council forms at the California Courts website.

The forms that are available on this Website are in PDF format and require a PDF reader to view them. Adobe Reader, is available for free and allows you to view, navigate and print these PDF files. To get Adobe Reader visit their Website at www.adobe.com


All Local Forms
Division Name Form# Date Rev
Civil Addendum to Name Change Packet PL-CV003 10/2018
Civil ADR Information Sheet PL-CV007 10/2018
Civil Civil Bench Warrant PL-CV008 10/2018
Civil Expedited Jury Trial Information Sheet EJT-010-INFO 1/2011
Civil No Further EJT Order PL-CV005 10/2018
Civil Notice of Restricted Access PL-CV002 10/2018
Civil Notice of Time and Place of Trial PL-CV001 10/2018
Civil Publication List for Placer County Info Only N/A
Civil Setting an Unlawful Detainer Case (Eviction) for Trial Info Only 1/9/2012
Civil Sister State Judgment Pursuant to CCP 1710.25 PL-CV009 10/2018
Civil Small Claims Information Sheet Info Only 8/23/2016
Civil Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Instructions Info Only N/A
Civil Request for Continuance- Small Claims Appeal Hearing PL-AP002 9/2013
Civil Notice Re Oral Argument PL-AP001 8/2015
Civil Proposed Statement on Appeal (Infraction) PL-AP003 8/2015
Civil Request for Extension of Time PL-AP004 8/2015
Civil Satisfaction of Judgment by Clerk and Declaration PL-CV010 10/26/2018
Civil Civil Notice - Mediation of Cases on Civil Harassment Calendar PL-CV006 1/2017
Criminal Notice of Filing PL-CR009 12/2018
Courtwide Request for Court Reporter PL-CW007 1/2019
Criminal Criminal Defendant's Motion PL-CR003 03/2014
Criminal Criminal Defendant's Motion Instructions PL-CR003i 03/2014
Criminal Prop 47 Petition PL-CR004 11/2014
Criminal Prop 47 FAQ PL-CR004i 10/2019
Criminal Prop. 64 Petition PL-CR006 12/2016
Criminal Prop. 64 FAQs PL-CR006i 10/2019
Criminal Prop. 64 Response PL-CR007 11/2016
Family Stipulation and Order for Private Mediator or CCRC PL-FCS003 7/2017
Family Declaration of Private Mediator or CCRC Regarding Qualifications PL-FCS004 7/2017
Family Non-Professional Visitation Monitor Declaration of Qualifications PL-FCS005 8/2013
Family Family Court Services Courtroom Worksheet PL-FCS006 1/2018
Family Request for Default Setting PL-FL001 10/2018
Family Declaration Notice to Opposing Party – ERH or OST PL-FL004 1/2014
Family Continue/Drop Form PL-FL005 03/2019
Family At Issue Memorandum Form PL-FL006 1/2016
Family Family Law Stipulation and Order Setting Trial Dates PL-FL009 10/2018
Family Family Law Stipulation and Order PL-FL012 1/2013
Family Written Stipulation and Agreement PL-FL015 7/2015
Family Request for Telephonic Appearance – Family Law PL-FL016 1/2016
Family Family Law Telephonic Case Type List PL-FL016i 9/2018
Family Child Custody Agreement and Court Order PL-FL017 1/2018
Family Drop/Continue Family Centered Case Resolution Status Conference PL-FL018 7/2019
Family Request for Additional Family Centered Case Resolution Status Conference PL-FL019 1/2017
Family Trial Evidentiary Hearing Info. Sheet PL-FL020 03/2019
Family Judicial Council Adopted Supervised Visitation Packet FL-324 1/2014
Juvenile Prop. 64 Petition PL-JV003 11/2016
Juvenile Prop. 64 Response PL-JV004 11/2016
Probate Court Investigator Information Sheet PL-PR001 10/2018
Juvenile Certificate of Competency PL-JV002 4/2016
Juvenile Declaration for Access to Uniform Parentage ACT Papers and Records by Authorized Personnel PL-JV005 10/2017
Traffic Can't Afford to Pay Fine TR-320 4/2018
Traffic Can't Afford to Pay Fine Order TR-321 4/2018
Courtwide Records and Copy Requests Form PL-CW001 4/2016
Family Request for Elisor Form PL-FL021 11/2018
Family Request for Elisor Information Sheet PL-FL021i 11/2018
Family Notice of Court Hearing PL-FL013 1/2019
Civil Satisfaction of Judgment by Clerk and Declaration PL-CV010 10/2018
Family Petition for Confidential Child Custody Mediation PL-FCS007 1/2019
Family Mandatory Settlement Conference Information Sheet PL-FL022 10/2019
Family Family Centered Case Resolution (FCCR) Information Sheet PL-FL023 10/2019
Family Self-Help Settlement Services Appt. Request PL-FL024 5/2019
Family Statement of Issues and Contentions PL-FL025 7/2019
Courtwide Application for Appointment as Counsel for Minor Children in Family Law Cases PL-CW008 7/2019
Criminal Petition for Cannabis Conviction Resentencing PL-CR010 10/2019
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