Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division handles all Dependency and Justice cases.


Dependency Proceedings

Dependency proceedings involve the protection of children who have been or are at risk of being seriously abused, neglected or abandoned. The Department of Health and Human Services investigates the allegations and is the petitioner on cases filed in Dependency Court.


Justice Proceedings

Justice proceedings involve children under the age of 18 alleged to have committed a delinquent act (would be criminal if committed by an adult). The District Attorney is the petitioner on cases filed in the Justice Court.



Only persons with a legal right to do so may receive information regarding juvenile cases, such as the mother or father of the minor. Information regarding juvenile matters is confidential and cannot be given out over the phone. If you have a legal right to view a juvenile matter, you must do so in person with proper identification.


Forms can be found and printed from the California Judicial Council website, and our local court forms.

Juvenile FAQ

For more information on juvenile Proceeding, please visit the Judicial Council's Delinquency, Child Abuse and Neglect or Sealing Juvenile Records pages.

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Contact the Juvenile Division

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Additional contact information

Public Defenders Office
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Probation Department
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Juvenile Detention Center
Phone: 530-886-4850.


Social Worker
You can contact your Social Worker through the Placer County Health and Human Service Department at 530-889-6700.