Criminal Division

The Criminal Division handles cases the state brings against a person for breaking the law. Criminal charges are filed by the District Attorney, law enforcement agencies, and/or local agencies, as Infractions, Misdemeanors or Felonies.

Bail Schedules

The Uniform Bail & Penalty Schedule, the Felony Bail Schedule, and the Misdemeanor Bail Schedule can be viewed on our Fee Schedule page.


Forms can be found and printed from the California Judicial Council website, and our local court forms.

Case Information and Criminal Records

To obtain copies of Criminal Records, you may view public documents through the court's online portal, linked to above or visit the court. More information on records is available by visiting the Records and Copy Request page.

Collaborative Courts

Collaborative Courts are also known as problem-solving courts and focus on recovery, reducing recidivism, and improving offender outcomes. These types of courts combine judicial supervision and rehabilitation and treatment services in lieu of detention though a multidisciplinary team approach from the court, attorneys, law enforcement, probation, and service agencies. More information about the Placer Court’s collaborative court processes can be found below:


Recovery Court


Veterans Treatment Court


Mental Health Court Revisions Underway - Coming Soon.

Criminal FAQ

For more information on Criminal Court, Clearing Your Record and other resources, please visit the Judicial Council's Criminal Law page.