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Note: An account is not required to pay your traffic fine or search for public case records. This can all be done without an account.

The purpose of this system is to provide the ability to, make a traffic payment online, research and locate Superior Court of California, County of Placer Criminal, Civil, Traffic, and Family Law matters and create an online account to view your electronic case file for existing cases in the County of Placer.

The most current filings may or may not be in the system. While the court strives to ensure accuracy of the information it provides, the court recognizes that on occasion errors occur. Thus, the court encourages anyone seeking to rely on this information to verify it by checking any court paperwork or notice that you may have. Use of the information contained in the Court's Online Portal is the user’s responsibility.

Online Portal Accounts

A short video on how to create your account to access the Online Portal.



Online Portal FAQs

For how to request online case access please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

What if I can't afford to pay my ticket

If you have a financial hardship and can show that you are unable to pay the full amount of a fine for any infraction offense (including traffic offenses), you may ask the Court to consider your ability to pay in setting the total amount due online or in-person at any point before your fines and fees are fully paid.

The MyCitations online tool allows you to enter a plea and make an ability to pay request on eligible infractions. In addition to requesting a reduction, you can request a payment plan, more time to pay, or ask to complete community service in lieu of paying fines and fees.

Do not use the online tool if you wish to:

contest the citation, you would like to attend traffic school, or


Fines and fees owed from a misdemeanor or felony offense are not eligible to use the MyCitations tool.

  • you have proof of correction and would like a dismissal or reduction of those charges.


Do I need an account for my traffic payment?

There is no account required to complete a traffic payment. You can access the Traffic Online Payment System here.

Do I need an account to search for case information?

To search for public case information there is no account required. You can search for a case on the portal here.

Cases that are currently publicly searchable are Family, Probate, Civil, Criminal, and Traffic.

Documents are only viewable online in some case types. Online document access is governed by California Rules of Court rule 2.503

How do I find my case?

Portal searches require a filing date/date range and either a case number or party/company name.

If your search returned No Results, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify the filing date entered was when the case was initially filed not the date of any subsequent filings.
  • Double check that you have entered the case number in the correct format, including dashes such as S-CV-000XXXX, and the exact number of zeros.
  • Double check that the party or company name is spelled correctly.
  • If your case is still not appearing it could indicate that this case is not searchable on the portal. Please contact the court for further information.
What do I need an account for?

An account is needed for parties to have access to electronic case files and documents in most case types, as governed by California Rules of Court rule 2.503.

How to request case access can be found in the below FAQs

How do I request case access?

Case access is only granted to individuals that are either an attorney of record or an active party on the case.



  • A non-attorney / pro-per party can request case access through our video identification process.
  • You must have an online portal account to access any cases you've been granted access to. Please follow the user guide near the top of this page on how to create an online portal account

To request electronic case access through a video identification appointment please schedule an online appointment here

The court uses Zoom to conduct the identification process. Once you have scheduled your appointment you will be receiving an appointment email with your Zoom appointment link. Please review the following information prior to joining your appointment.

If you are not an active party on the case, you WILL NOT be granted access. You must have a valid state or government issued ID ready and the case you wish to request access to. The below forms of identification are acceptable.

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • State issued ID
  • Permanent Resident ID
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
If you are using a smart phone or tablet you will need to download the Zoom application. If you are using a computer, you can join from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera) and can test your device’s compatibility using link: Please refer to the following guide for information about joining from your browser:
Joining a Zoom Conference Using Your Browser When joining the conference please make sure your video and microphone are enabled. Upon entry you will be muted by the moderator.

Note: If you do not have the capability or wish to not conduct the process through the video identification process you can request case access by visiting the courthouse.

How do I activate my account?

Once you’ve created an account you will receive an account activation email.

Follow the instructions provided in the account activation email.

I didn't receive my account activation email, what do I do?

If you have not received your account activation email, check your SPAM/JUNK mailbox to verify it did not end up in there.

If the account verification email did not end up in your SPAM/JUNK folder attempt to use the Request New Password feature located on the portal here. You can also review the Portal User Guide found at the top of the FAQs.

How do I view cases I have been granted access to?

To view cases that you have been granted an access token to you must be logged into your portal account. Within your portal account you will see the My Existing Cases tab. Click the tab and you will see all cases that you have been granted access to. Here you can view the case summary and available documents on the case.

Note: In order to view cases in your account you will need to link that case token to your account. This is the token sent to you when your case access request has been granted. You can review the step by step process to do this in the guide and video above.

What cases can I request access to?

Cases that are currently unavailable for online remote access through a portal account are; Adoptions, Mental Health, Juvenile, Search Warrant, Ramey Warrant and cases sealed by the court.

Why can't I see all of the documents when viewing my cases?

You will only be able to view and download documents that are publicly available and available to all parties on the case. If the document is sealed, party confidential, or confidential to the court you will not be able to see or view it.

What if I need to change my email?


If your email has been changed on the CA State BAR site and you wish to begin using that email for case access, you will need to update your email on your Placer online portal account prior to submitting any new case access forms. Once updated you can submit the case access form using your new email. All cases associated with the previous email will remain in your Placer portal existing cases.



If you need to change your email you will need to go through the video identification process again. Please note that you must change your email within your online portal account prior to going through the identification process. All cases associated with the previous email account will remain accessible from your portal account.
I can no longer access a case that was on my account.
  • If you have received the message: "You do not have access to the case anymore" or the case is no longer in your existing cases list, then something has changed within the case that has removed you from having continued access.
  • You must contact the court for further information @ 916-408-6000