Remote Traffic Hearings

Placer Superior Court is pleased to offer remote appearances by video. Remote appearances are available for select hearings. This webpage outlines the process for all Traffic hearing types. Check for your hearing type in the tables below to see which category it falls under. If your hearing type is not listed, please contact the Clerk’s Office for assistance.


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Traffic Arraignment Calendar

The Court generally allows remote appearances in Traffic Infraction and Misdemeanor cases (this does not include Driving Under the Influence cases) without judicial approval. However, for trials, remote appearances are not allowed.


Before appearing remotely, be sure to read the traffic Advisement, linked below. Note that you may only schedule a remote appearance for hearings on calendar in the next 30 days, and if you try to schedule after the 4 PM deadline, you will see a "no valid events" message in red when searching for your case and you will be unable to schedule your remote appearance.


Schedule Your Hearing

Hearing Type Schedule

Schedule your appearance no later than 4 PM the court day before your hearing.

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Further Proceedings

Schedule your appearance no later than 4 PM the court day before your hearing.

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Officer Court Trials Remote appearances not allowed
Pay or Appear

Schedule your appearance no later than 4 PM the court day before your hearing.

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  1. Confirm you received the link to connect the day PRIOR to the hearing. Pursuant to the Court’s Local Rules, remote appearance links WILL NOT be provided the same-day as your hearing.
  2. Prepare in the same way you would if appearing in person.
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Think about your background. It is highly recommended that you be located indoors with limited background noise and distractions.
    • It is highly recommended to use a headset with a mic equipped.
    • Join the meeting up to 5 minutes early.
  3. Prior to connecting, ensure your device (must be equipped with a camera, microphone, and speaker) is compatible with the Court’s remote appearance system by reviewing the FAQs. You can find the technology related requirements to appear remotely in our Remote Appearance User Guide.
  4. Please enter both your first and last name when joining the meeting. It is highly encouraged to also include your case number.
  5. Your case may not be heard at the time the calendar is scheduled to start. The courtroom will admit you into the meeting and place you and all other participants on mute. Only once your case is called, please unmute yourself and turn on your video. Keep in mind that your case may not be called for a few hours.

The remote appearance confirmation email you receive will ONLY be valid for the hearing you are scheduled for. The conference ID, PIN, and/or link provided to you will not work if your matter is continued or has another hearing set. You will either need to schedule yourself or request a remote appearance for future hearings.