Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders


Guide and File Program to help you fill out the Forms


If you need assistance filling out the forms for a restraining order, click on the link below the restraining order you want. The Guide and File program will guide you through filling out the forms by asking you interview questions. You can print out the forms when they are completed and file them at the Courthouse.


Domestic Violence Restraining Order Request:

Domestic Violence Restraining Order Request


Civil Harassment Restraining Order:

Civil Harassment Restraining Order


Elder Abuse:

Elder Abuse


How to File the Restraining Order Documents


File the forms at the courthouse:

You can file the forms at the Gibson Courthouse located at 10820 Justice Center Drive Roseville, CA 95678 on Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Once you are in the courthouse, get a number ticket at the kiosk on the first floor of the courthouse. File the forms with the clerk when your number is called.


File the forms online:

You can file the forms using eFiling. 

eFiling Portal

How to Get Answers to Your Restraining Order Questions


Schedule a telephone appointment or video conference appointment with the Self-Help Center for questions about restraining orders. Visit our appointment reservation center to schedule an appointment.